High Performance

Biiofit brings you a revolutionary new organic bamboo fabric combining high quality and superior comfort. Bamboo has unique properties which make it ideal for mens and womens sportswear. 

Joey Bull

"I love this product - breathable, silky soft and still natural and organic! Brilliant!"


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Biiofit bamboo fabric is breathable, temperature regulating and natural, it outperforms many technical synthetic fabrics.
As an organic fabric Biiofit bamboo retains many of its natural properties. It protects the skin against infection due to its anti microbial properties.

As well as feeling as soft as silk it is also hypoallergenic therefore great for people with sensitive skin, and is 98% effective in shielding out harmful UV rays.


Biiofit bamboo and Yoga Clothes are almost unique in that it is practically 100% recyclable. At Biiofit we offer to recycle your clothing if you return it to us. In exchange for this you will receive a substantial discount on new Biiofit clothing. We are so confident you will love the luxurious comfort of Biiofit apparel that we offer a 100% money back guarantee on all online purchases.